Summer Wedding at Samlesbury Hall

Practically the dream couple. Super happy. Super lovely. And super hot. As if that’s not enough Peter’s son was the cutest page boy too. Naturally it was awesome being their wedding photographer. Abbigail and Peter had their pre wedding shoot at Samlesbury Hall too, so we had already scouted all the best places for portraits. There was a massive emphasis on their little family too which made it even more awesome to be asked to document their wedding.

Early doors I caught up with Abbigail at her mums house where the uber talented Kerry Baker was working her magic. Abbigail’s mum is so organised which meant that everyone was really relaxed and kinda quiet. Once hair and make up had been completed on the girls we drove over to the little lodge at the end of the drive to Samlesbury Hall itself. This is such a great location for the bride to finish her preparations on the morning of the wedding. Less than a minutes walk from the Hall and totally in keeping with the decor both inside and out.

I caught up with Peter and the boys at the Hall before the ceremony. They looked pretty cool. Although I think Peter’s dad was playing it cool arriving with no tie and his slung over the shoulder. Having the bride and groom getting ready in the same location meant that I could see the both on the morning of the wedding piecing all those important preparations in pictures.

Some of my favourite moments images from the day are during the ceremony. I just love the way the light falls through the windows. These guys are so romantic, which is just perfect when you are documenting true love. They also had the cutest page boy in the world ever, Oskar who was so excited!

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Thank you so much for checking out Summer Wedding at Samlesbury Hall. I absolutely love documenting natural and raw emotion at a wedding.
If you’re getting married, massive congratulations! I bet you can’t wait to start wedding planning! Be sure to check out my brand new wedding planning podcast below and you’re looking for a photographer you can get in touch here!