bride getting ready at on the 7th media city

On the 7th Wedding Photographs.
Jen + Joe.

Jen and Joe chose to have their wedding at on the 7th in Media City. On the 7th is part of the Electic Hotel Group, just like Great John Street in Manchester which is another of my favourite wedding venues. I just love the interior decor, it’s the perfect reception venue with many options for unusual and quirky photographs, basically a photographers dream!

I knew these two before the wedding. I’ve known Joe from being a youngster, our parent’s used to hang out. LOADS when we were kids. I went to college with Jen, which was pretty eventful to say the least. Never in a million years would I have put these to together but do you know what, after spending time with them together, it totally works. They really are made for each other!

Jen got ready in the Holiday Inn just around the corner with her family and bestie Suzie. The morning was so relaxing and calm, maybe because it was just the two of them and they had plenty of time or more than likely because they are super chilled. I also had the chance to catch up with Joe before the ceremony before making the short walk round to the venue.

You guys, thank you so much for having me along to capture your day, it was ridiculously awesome! I’d do it all again tomorrow! One of my favourite parts of the day was the dancing, you guys really did let loose on the dance floor!

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Toni x

Thank you so much for checking out Winter wedding at On the 7th. I absolutely love documenting natural and raw emotion at a wedding.
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