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AUTUMN 2017 – Coming soon!…

What’s the secret to becoming a better wedding photographer?

Practice makes perfect.

It’s not really a secret…

How do you practice? You can’t practice with all the pressure and fast moving pace on a wedding day. True.
You can’t just find a bride on the street, pick some pretty flowers and hope you chose the perfect field at sunset. Probably not.


I can give you those tools to practice. Yep, I’ve got the gorgeous bride, the pretty flowers, the flowing dresses and the epic location. A perfectly styled photo shoot, waiting for you and your camera.

You can see my favourites from Portfolio Builder Three here.

Bride in direct sunlight with flowing veil

“The learning environment that Toni creates is fantastic; she’s so down to earth and encouraging that you can relax and really enjoy the experience. You get time to shoot photos that you want to try out, and if there’s something you want to improve, she’s there straight away to give you advice. It’s more like a group of friends (with cameras) pushing each other to experiment and play, rather than a formal workshop.”

Why are styled shoots important?

They are a great way to learn. They are the perfect way to try new ideas, get creative and with the freedom to fail. Fail? Yes. Failing is an important learning curve. Obviously we all go out to succeed. You can’t afford to fail on a wedding day. There’s no time for mistakes and theres too much pressure to be safe, because you have to be. Styled photoshoots or Portfolio Builders are important. They are a great way to practice, to experiment, to grow and to challenge. All these things are so important in becoming a better wedding photographer.

Why do I love portfolio building days?

I personally love getting creative and I weirdly quite like organising things. It’s not a training day or a workshop. It’s an experience. Although I’m happy to provide you with some slight guidance if you need it. The portfolio builders are fun and relaxed. It’s like a group of friends hanging out and bouncing creative ideas. I’m providing all the tools for you to make amazing pictures. For me that’s more important. It’s not something you’ve learned from me it’s something you’ve created yourself giving you the confidence to create it again on a wedding day.

The Portfolio Building days are a great way for you to try new ideas! No matter how ridiculous! God, I’ve had a few. The important thing is over time you learn what works and what doesn’t in certain situations so you can adapt tricks and techniques into your flow on a wedding day. I’m being serious. Let’s go wild. We’ve had the wedding dresses trailing through the woods, covered in sand and even submerged a few in the sea. It’s time to push all the boundaries! After all the dresses all go in the washing machine right? ha ha ha.

There’s room for 6 people on each portfolio builder. I don’t want it to be like a rugby scrum. All fighting for the same photographs, ultimately that’s never going to work when you come to market your business. The smaller number means theres masses of time with absolutely no pressure whatsoever. There’s no point having the same picture as the next person. Having time means you can create something stunning that’s totally unique to you and your brand.

Last but not least. IT’S FUN! I mean rolling round on the floor until your stomach hurts kinda fun!

You can the blast we had on the the last Portfolio Builder here. 

Who’s it for?

YOU. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or you’ve shot a 100 weddings. It’s time for you to get out your comfort zone and push your creative mind.
There is room for 6 photographers altogether. This means you’ll all get time to create your own images and try your wildest idea’s.

I’ll be there to offer help with composition, lighting, posing all that jazz if you want it but on a whole it’s just shooting time!

What do I need to bring?

Your camera. Yep that’s it. Oh and any lighting shizzle you might want to use.
I’d recommend popping some wellies in the car too!

When and where?

The next location is currently being scouted. Formby has been beyond amazing but I think it’s time to work our magic in some new locations. Watch this space.

The plan is normally to meet early evening. Usually 4:30 and we will shoot right through until sunset. That way we get to use the best light and make the most of the beautiful golden hour.

It’s always nice to have a little debrief over a quick beer afterwards too. It’s always nice to be social with like minded people. I’m big on growing our little Facebook community so the people you meet aren’t just new additions to your friends list. They are people you can trust and continue to throw ideas at after the workshop too!

Is it going to break the bank?

Absolutely not. Why? It’s not a workshop or a training day. If that’s what you want maybe pop over to my workshop page here. The idea of the portfolio building experiences are for me to provide you with all the components for you to get some awesome photographs to slap in your portfolio. I’m not teaching, posing or training, I’m helping you work your own magic!

One last secret.

New dates are released to the mailing list only. What are you waiting for? GET. SIGNED. UP.

If you need any more reasons to get signed up – here are some of my favourites from Portfolio Builder Number Three.

“Toni’s workshop has helped me develop ideas and grow in confidence with regards to my photography. I would highly recommend the Portfolio Wedding Builders to anyone and everyone. I’ll definitely be participating in another one in the future.”

Bride walking across the sand dunes in gold sequin dress