Potato. Johnny is Irish! What a lucky boy, how gorgeous is Jen?!

Here are my absolute favourites from my lovely day as their Shireburn Arms Wedding photographer.

Jen got absolutely pampered in the morning by the extremely talented Flossy and Leigh Team! If you are looking for a Make up Artist, stop right now! They are not only supremely talented but absolute bags of fun to have around on the morning of your wedding. So as you can imagine the morning getting at Jen’s mums and dads in the Lancashire hills was a laugh a minute. The girls look gorgeous in their purple bridesmaid dress and Jen looked divine in her lace fish tail wedding dress. Not to mention her veil. Swoon.
A shout out to Jen’s florist too for the most amazing colourful bouquets but also the miniature flowers for the button holes and hair, divine.

I met a very nervous looking Johnny over at the church where he eagerly awaited his bride. We was waiting a tiny while, building up the tension whereby he did share a tear as his bride walked down the aisle. (How cute!)

Following the beautiful church service guests hugged, laughed and kissed in the spacious grounds and outdoor sun before making their way to the Shireburn Arms Wedding Venue. If you have not been is the perfect cosy country pub, sister to Mitton Hall Wedding Venue and Eaves Hall Wedding Venue to name a couple. I cannot make fault, the atmosphere is perfect, the staff helpful and the food hearty. If you are not getting married, get a Sunday stroll booked in!

It was more than a pleasure to be Jen and Johnny’s Shireburn Arms Wedding Photographer.

Oh! I nearly forgot! High 5 to the groomsmen who photo bombed me with his shoe! That picture is one of my absolute FAVES! xx

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Thank you so much for checking out Summer wedding at the Shireburn Arms. I absolutely love documenting natural and raw emotion at a wedding.
If you’re getting married, massive congratulations! I bet you can’t wait to start wedding planning! Be sure to check out my brand new wedding planning podcast below and you’re looking for a photographer you can get in touch here!