Yes, I’m competitive, I’ll openly admit that. Naturally I always want to aim higher and do better. Sometimes I fail. Sometimes I win. This time I won!

I won THREE International wedding Awards from the ISPWP Winter 2017 Collection. The ISPWP which stands for International Society of Wedding Photographers is made up of the worlds best wedding photographers. It’s a massive privilege to be acknowledged as one of the worlds best wedding photographers by being allocated THREE awards in the latest collection. I’ve spent years admiring all the talented images from amazing photographers, some of whom I am honoured to call my friends. Congratulations to all the winners in the latest collection, the standard is so good!

I was so incredibly happy when I glanced through the winning galleries. Not only to win these awards, but to win them for unpredicted ‘moments’. If you know me or you’ve been glancing around my website you’ll know I’m big on moments. Being a documentary wedding photographer enables me to capture photographs on your wedding day that will take you right back to that moment in time. Meaning you can treasure forever how you really felt in that exact moment.

So thank you to you! My wonderful couples for putting your trust in me to document your wedding day!

Here are my winning images with a little story behind why I love them so much.

Award winning wedding photograph of children playing with confetti at great john street wedding
This was taken from Elisa and Mick’s Summer wedding at Great John Street Hotel in Manchester. This was a fun filled family orientated wedding in Manchester City Centre. All the guests made their way outside to cover the newlyweds in confetti. As the bride and groom made their way back indoors the children all started to collect the confetti from the ground and began throwing it at each other. As I watched and waited I could see the little girl at the back watching in awe. I waited until a gap came free so she was framed by the excitement of the others.

award winning wedding photograph of guest almost knocking cake over at colshaw hall wedding

This image was taken from  Lizzy and Toby’s wedding at Colshaw Hall in Cheshire. Their summer wedding in August meant that all the guests could enjoy drinks on the lawn for most of the day. I watched Lizzy’s friends for most of the afternoon as they were lifting on another into the air and attempting kart wheels on the grass. In the summer Colshaw Hall bring the wedding cake on to the lawn so the bride and groom can cut the cake outside. As I was photographing the details of the wedding cake I could see the garden games moving closer. Luckily the cake survived. Just.

award winning documentary wedding photograph of bride fastening her wedding shoes

Every girl likes shoes. I seem to make a beeline for ‘shoe pictures’. This pretty pair were no exception. They were so unusual, with ribbon ties wrapped around the leg. I’m not going to lie, I’d also been admiring the gorgeous window light all morning. As she went to grab her shoes I took a few steps back and laid on the floor. As a documentary wedding photographer it’s important for me to be patient. I don’t click and move on, I wait. I wait until I feel I have something good. And if I have something good I wait until I have something better. This has to be one of my favourite wedding photographs I’ve ever taken. It’s natural and it’s unposed. I must have more than 50 photographs of this moment. As it took her a while to fasten them but I’m so pleased I waited for the perfect shape and composition.

Thank you so much for checking out ISPWP Award – Winter 2017. I absolutely love documenting natural and raw emotion at a wedding.
If you’re getting married, massive congratulations! I bet you can’t wait to start wedding planning! Be sure to check out my brand new wedding planning podcast below and you’re looking for a photographer you can get in touch here!