“The best person to be in competition with is yourself.”

I think I am. Most days.

In November I applied to join the very exclusive International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP for short). I’ve toyed with the idea for some time. Many people I greatly respect are members and well you have to AIM BIG.

“Photographers cannot simply buy an ISPWP membership, they have to earn it.”

My application was approved and in time for me to enter the Fall Contest of the ISPWP. The level of skill within the winning photographs are just unbelievably mind blowing. I remember calling my friends in celebration as I couldn’t quite believe I was accepted into the society.

FAST FORWARD a month. I WON an ISPWP Award!

I was genuinely gob smacked. It’s so nice to have recognition for an image you are proud of. This image of a Tracey’s shoe as she exited her beautiful vintage wedding car was very special to me. It’s always been an image I have personally loved. It was taken at a time when I remember pushing myself to create images in true context. This photograph will take Tracey back to the exact moment she arrived at her wedding ceremony.

Thank you so much not only to Tracey and her gorgeous, now famous shoe but also to the ISPWP judges for awarding this photograph.

Massive congratulations to all the other winners of the Fall 2016 contest!

ISPWP Award winning wedding photograph of brides details.

Thank you so much for checking out ISPWP Award – Fall 2016. I absolutely love documenting natural and raw emotion at a wedding.
If you’re getting married, massive congratulations! I bet you can’t wait to start wedding planning! Be sure to check out my brand new wedding planning podcast below and you’re looking for a photographer you can get in touch here!