Fearless Award - Collection 44

There are lots of wedding photography competitions out there with many awards up for grabs but the hardest and most sought after is by far a Fearless Award. I still remember now the day I won my first ever fearless award. I was SO EXCITED! This time, exactly three years on was no different, I feel so honoured to have picked up another one of these beauties after a few years of not competing. 

This photograph was taken from Hannah & Anthonys wedding which was in Manchester. It was during the massive heat wave so the sun was super bright in the sky. I love this harsh light, it’s so hard to photograph in but I just love how you can get more creative with light and shadow. This photograph of a wedding guest hugging the bride is one of my favourites from the day because of the hidden humour within the real moment. Taken as the bride and groom were greeting all their guests outside church.  

How did I create this image? I’m going to say a lot was down to luck but it was also pre planned to a certain extend. I spotted the wedding guest wearing the reflective sunglasses as soon as she came outside church. I love capturing details in reflections so I was drawn to capture the reflections of people in the sunglasses, at first other guests. Then as the lady came towards the bride I managed to find the perfect spot to frame the brides eye in the reflection creating what appears to be an optical illusion. 

This wedding photograph won a Fearless Award in Collection 44 in the sub section “RealMoments” which means so much to me as a documentary wedding photographer. Thank you so much to the judges who I admire and aspire to and massive congratulations to all the other winners who make it such an incredible competition to enter. 

Award wining fearless award from Toni Darcy black and white image of a bride hugging a wedding guest with super cool reflection in sunglasses.

Thank you so much for checking out Fearless Award – Collection 44. I absolutely love documenting natural and raw emotion at a wedding.
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