Everybody loves Christmas right? It doesn’t matter how old you are. There is always something magical about it. It’s that festive feeling that get’s everyone in the party spirit. It’s an excuse to get merry, an excuse to party. It’s also an excuse to wear everything sparkly! You can only imagine how excited I was to take Carmen and Lee’s Browsholme Hall Wedding Photographs DAYS before Christmas! Days! It was all of the above. Magical. Festive. Sparkly. Merry.

As I arrived at Carmen’s house on the morning of the wedding I was not only greeted by her lovely best friends who made up half the bridesmaids who were already on the fizz train but also her loveable four legged fluff ball who is just adorable.

It was a super super rainy day, yeah we got pretty wet but it was still one heck of a wedding! My trusty assistant Neil Redfern met Lee at the church whilst I followed the sparkly bridesmaids with their brollies. The weather did not stop this wedding by any stretch though. The guests all made there way to Browsholme Hall on the vintage (party) bus whilst the bride and groom had a beauty of a vintage car.

Browsholme Hall looked just perfectly decorated for a romantic Christmas wedding. It really is a perfect wedding venue for every season. Although the rain didn’t seem to budge very much we still headed out for some romantic wedding photographs. The vintage wedding bus made for perfect pictures before we decided to fully embrace the British weather and brave the rain. Carmen and Lee definitely made Browsholme Hall their own and threw one hell of an awesome party, I’m not sure what time we left but I do know the dance floor was the place to be!

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Thank you so much for checking out Christmas wedding at Browsholme Hall. I absolutely love documenting natural and raw emotion at a wedding.
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