Fearless Award

Behind the image.

I love irregular choice shoes! I’ve got a little collection of them myself.

As Katrina was about to throw her bouquet a friend kicked off her shoes right in front of me before she ran across the grass to join in.

Sometimes you take a little risk and sometimes it pays off. This was one of those times.

It’s one of my most talked about photographs, but also one of my personal favourites.

Masters of Photography UK Wedding Award of brides blowing veil

Masters of Wedding Photography UK

Behind the image.

This is a completely unposed wedding portrait of Emma and Alex from their wedding at Heaton House Farm. Emma’s beautiful long veil was blowing in the wind as they were walking from the gardens after taking their wedding portraits.

For me the timing in this capture tells the perfect story. You can see Alex has grabbed the very end of the veil just as it was about to fly up high.

Award winning photograph from ISPWP of brides shoe getting out of wedding car


Behind the image.

This definitely has to be one of the photographs I’m most proud of. As I was beginning to explore the world of documentary wedding photography I realised how important it is to take photographs with context.

To prepare, to expect and most importantly to execute. I’ve got a pretty picture of these gorgeous shoes on cute chair. But now I’ve got an awesome picture of these gorgeous shoes in context as they arrive at Styal Lodge.

Wedding Photography Select Award

Behind the image.

I absolutely love this photograph. I love how much personality it has which is also enhanced by the colour in the sky. At Colshaw Hall when the weather is nice quite often couples will cut their wedding cake on the lawn. It’s such a beautiful setting.

I was admiring the cake (naturally) and thought I would take an image with the contrasting sky in the background. As I was doing so some of the guests were practicing their gymnastic skills on the lawn too. This is what happened next…

Bride and groom entering a confetti storm as they exit church

Wedisson Award

Behind the image.

Rachel and Joe’s wedding guests were given natural rose petal confetti and LOTS of it.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better confetti storm! I just love how happy they are too! You can instantly see how much they are enjoying their wedding day.