I’m competitive. There I said it!

I play team sports most nights during the week and I regularly attend Crossfit so yeah I think you could say I’m quite competitive. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have to win, but of course naturally I really want to.

I joined Fearless about 9-12 months ago, mainly because I really admired so many of the award winning wedding photographer and absolutely loved the winning images. Obviously I hoped one day that I would win one.

(Fast forward six months).


I genuinely couldn’t believe it! I think I starred at the webpage for 5 minutes checking that was really my image with a Fearless Award stamped to it!


The story behind the image.
I used to have a massive obsession with Irregular Choice Shoes. Massive. As Katrina announced that she was throwing her bouquet the girls all kicked off their shoes. Bam! Like a magpie I spotted the Irregular Choice beauties that had been kicked off. I dived on the floor and… yeah I kinda laid on the floor for what felt like AGES. I must of looked like a lunatic. I’m pretty sure the guests were thinking why is the photographer on the floor taking pictures of a pair of shoes when the bride is throwing the bouquet.

Why does it mean so much?
There was 15,000 photographs entered into collection 28. FIFTEEN THOUSAND, that’s loads.
Approximately only 1% of photographs are branded as a Fearless Award.
You only have to look at the other winning images in collection 28 to see the level of creativity and enthusiasm they hold.