I’m Toni, a full time, professional wedding photographer based in sunny Lancashire. I love my house, it’s the perfect spot for entertaining my energetic border collie Yossi. It’s also got a log burner which makes it so cosy in winter!

I’m not ‘just’ a photographer. I’m a people watcher. For me each wedding is a brand new blank canvas for me to tell your unique love story. I want you to see me as a friend. Gently blending in to capture the big moments but also the acute ones. That way I can tell the complete story of your day with a selection of photographs that make you feel every emotion every single time you look at them!

I don’t under estimate that I have the most amazing job. Doing something that I absolutely love makes me feel incredibly lucky every day. I’ve been a professional wedding photographer for 8 years and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every part of that journey! I have photographed weddings all over the UK as well as some amazing destination weddings worldwide, including Italy, France, Spain and the USA.

How did I become a wedding photographer is possibly the question I get asked the most. The answer; I’ve always loved photo’s. The really old ones with the crinkled edges that your Great Aunty pulls out on a rainy day. I mainly enjoy the emotional attachment and the stories they carry. I think that combined with my addiction to polaroids from a young age lead to the inevitable question that most keen photo takers get asked. To photograph a friends wedding. I remember Bryony and Craig’s big day well. I had the best experience EVER, whilst working! The adrenaline was unbelievable and I can honestly say I’ve been hooked on weddings ever since.

I’ve photographed some incredible life experiences both for myself personally and professionally. I can honestly say it’s only increased the value I hold within photographs. They mean so much. You might not think so initially but they become endless treasures.

Fun facts

  • When my hair gets dyed red I feel like it gives me new super powers.
  • I have a Border Collie called Yossi who loves smiling for selfies – One day I fear he may bite my face off though!
  • I’m addicted to diet coke and have a love hate relationship with Crossfit.
  • My party trick is the worm and lifting 18 stone men  – Not at the same time.
  • The only thing I don’t like is beetroot – It still tastes like the earth!
  • I can’t sing but if there’s karaoke I’ll always sing Wham!


My personal video diary of my life as a wedding photographer. Follow me behind the scenes at my weddings, alongside me in action at weddings. Find out why I love my couples and also my job that I feel so lucky to have.