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Sunday 29th October 2017


Read, Lancashire



Strictly 5

SUNDAY – 22nd October 2017 – SOLD OUT!
SUNDAY – 29th October 2017 

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A wedding photography workshop that get’s straight down to the nitty gritty.

I’ll be talking and walking you through every step of being a professional wedding photographer in a really relaxed and informal way as I think that is the best was to learn. I’m talking about finding your ideal couples, making your business more efficient, workflow, finding your creative mindset, posing and lighting on a live shoot with a professional model, processing with a live edit and most importantly taking yourself to the next level and winning awards.

The secrets out and I’m sharing…

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“The learning environment that Toni creates is fantastic, she’s so down to earth and encouraging that you can relax and really enjoy the experience.”

How do I become a better wedding photographer?

Honestly? By failing. I know you may find this quite surprising but making mistakes is the ultimate way to learn. For me it’s really important as it’s part of the creative process. I think every creative person feels like their work is pretty pants from time to time. The truth is, it’s probably not. But, that’s what makes us continue to strive to be the better version of ourselves.

I’m a pretty honest person. I want to be honest with you. By being open and truthful I know I can help you become a better wedding photographer. I’m happy to share all my experiences from shooting as little as 4 weddings in my first year to now, 6 years later not only running a successful wedding photography business but by being announced the ‘Top female wedding photographer in the UK” by the Masters of wedding photography.

Finding and using the light for effective posing

Seeing the light is one thing but using the light for creative and flattering posing is something many photographers struggle with. The creative eye of a wedding photographer often sees things in a different way. I’ll be showing you my method of thinking and seeing. I guarantee that you’ll leave not only feeling more creative but you’ll see little spots of light and spaces that you’ve never seen before.

I’ll be taking you through ways to pose without posing. I’ll teach you to give direction that is easy to follow. We will be using the indoor and outdoor space so you’ll leave fully equipped for shooting in any location, space or venue.

On the day there will be a live shoot with a gorgeous model in a wedding dress. All made up so you can create some awesome photographs that you can’t wait to show off. I know important it is to build your wedding portfolio, that’s why there is a maximum of 5 places. This means there will be more than enough time for each person to gain confidence in shooting by directing the model themselves. Let’s leave the elbow fights and tackles for the good spots to those on the rugby pitch!

Wedding photography workflow

Yawn. Sounds boring, right? That’s why I’ve developed my own super efficient workflow to suit my lifestyle. I love the outdoors and I’m pretty sporty too. Any spare time I have I want to be out there enjoying life. There’s so many small changes that I know you could apply to your workflow to allow you do the same.

Don’t get scared. I’ll be running through my workflow with you, step by step. From the moment an enquiry comes in to my inbox to the second I deliver the final set of images. I will provide with the key tools to help your business run smoothly allowing you to spend less time working out the best window to throw your laptop from, and more time taking awesome pictures.

Finding your own creative mindset

You love weddings, that’s why you’re a wedding photographer, right? Wrong.

I’ll be guiding you through the creative mindset to find out the real reason why you love your job. Once you’ve found the centre of your passion I’ll help you focus your adrenaline and teach you how to use that productively whilst under the pressure of a wedding day. You’ll leave not only with the energy to create beautiful images but with the power to believe in taking risks to reach a higher level of achievement.

When and where is it all happening?

29th October 2017 in Read, Lancashire.

One last secret.

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“Toni’s workshop has helped me develop ideas and grow in confidence with regards to my photography. I would highly recommend the workshops to anyone and everyone.”

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